Dual Fuel Generators

Dual Fuel GeneratorsDiesel generators can be converted to dual-fuel generators and run a blend of cleaner and more affordable natural gas and diesel blend.


Dual-Fuel CNG Conversions


  • Average diesel fuel cost per hour = $63.54 USD
  • Average cost of diesel fuel + CNG per hour = $34.23 + $7.02 = $41.25 USD
  • AverageĀ  savings per hour- $22.29 USD
  • Average economy = 35%

Additional Advantages and Benefits of Dual-Fuel CNG Conversions:

  1. No impact on engine operation with active post-injection
  2. Seamless on/off switching of the system
  3. Savings within the entire engine load range
  4. Increased efficiency of Diesel combustion
  5. Protection of engine components
  6. Increased engine power

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CNG Vehicle Conversions