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American Fuel Tech (AFT) Diesel Dual Fuel CNG Conversion Kits for Diesel Engines


AFT Diesel is designed to convert  2-16 cylinder diesel engines

Specific measurements of diesel fuel are added into the mixture of natural gas and air in the cylinder.  Dynamic sensors register the exhaust temperatures, knocking, and oxygen levels and make immediate changes to protect your engine.

Drivers can easily switch  the natural gas + diesel mixture to 100% diesel and back with the flip of a switch mounted on the dash.

The CNG conversion kit’s electronic control unit (ECU) will switch fuels seamlessly and automatically back to diesel should the  natural gas supply run low.

Adding the extra CNG tanks double your driving range.

No original parts or equipment is altered.

The conversion can be reversed.  Trucks can be resold at auction and you can reuse the CNG conversion equipment on the next truck.

AFT’s ECU uses an advanced algorithm of sequential injection.  Our innovative system of auto-adaptation ensures delivery of correct fuel ratios.   As  result you can observe immediate improvement in mileage, noise reduction, particulate and greenhouse gas reductions, and fuel savings.

AFT Diesel CNG Conversion KitDiesel Engines That Can be Converted to Run on Dual-Fuel

CNG Fleet Sales

Diesel CNG Conversion Systems

Diesel Dual Fuel Kit Prices:

4 Cylinder 200 HP CNG Diesel Conversion Kits – $1099

4 Cylinder 400 HP CNG Diesel Conversion Kits – $1109

6 Cylinder 600 HP CNG Diesel Conversion Kits – $1299

Free CNG Conversion Training included in Fleet Sale Pricing

Free CNG Conversion Training
Free Hands On CNG Conversion Training at your Premises

Please contact We R CNG for individual sales prices.  1.321.307.5058

*Pricing valid for fleets purchasing 20+ CNG Conversion Kits.

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