Type 2 CNG Tanks

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 Type 2 CNG Tanks

Type 2 CNG Tanks

Below are some of the more popular type 2 CNG tanks that are ready for shipment. If you need a size or capacity not listed, contact us for pricing and lead time.

GGE Liters Dimensions Weight Expiration Price
5.2 60 L 14.3″ x 32″ 132 lbs. 20 years $1,687
8.5 98L 16.3″ x 40″ 231 lbs. 20 years $1,384
10.6 122 L 16″ x 48″ 231 lbs. 20 years $1,688
13.6 150 L 16.7″ x 57.7″ 230 lbs. 20 years $1,436

 *Contact us for fleet, large order and recurring order pricing.

About Type 2 CNG Tanks

The type 2 CNG tanks are manufactured in the USA using a lightweight steel liner wrapped with a durable steel wire.  The CNG tank metal liner is reinforced by glass or carbon fiber composite and  wrapped around the middle.  This technique of wrapping CNG tanks is referred to as “hoop wrapped”.  The liner and composite each absorb equal amounts of stress caused by internal pressurization. The tanks are then sealed with a special epoxy and covered with a protective mesh. These CNG cylinders are 25% lighter and carry higher capacities than type I CNG tanks.  The tanks have the highest impact strength in the class of fiber reinforced Type 2 CNG cylinders.

Tank Certification for Type 2 CNG Tanks

Subjected to the same stringent NGV-2 tests which are used for premium Carbon fiber Type 4 CNG tanks.   Type 2 CNG tanks meet US-DOT requirements.  These Type 2 CNG tanks are put through rigorous bomb fire and bullet tests.  These tests are run to prove the tanks’ durability.  The Type 2 CNG tanks are tested with the PRD valves installed to ensure that the compressed natural gas is released safely.

CNG Tanks

CNG tank cylinders store natural gas at very high pressures.  Today’s CNG tanks are rated for up to 3600 pounds per square inch (PSI).  High pressure gasses may sound scary, but the reality is that these CNG tanks are engineered for higher safety than gasoline or diesel tanks.  CNG tanks must pass stringent tests that no gasoline nor diesel tank could pass.  CNG tanks rarely explode even when exposed to fire and gun shots.  The fuel can only ignite in a very small parameter of 5-15% concentration.  The ignition temperature is also twice that of gasoline or diesel.

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