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Gasoline CNG Conversions
CNG Conversion Kits for Chevy Trucks

Gasoline to CNG Conversions.  Run on Either 100% Gasoline or 100% Natural Gas…You Chose

Sequential injection

We R CNG offers fourth generation CNG conversion kits.  These multi-port fuel injection systems are controlled by a powerful electronic control unit (ECU).  Special CNG injectors are installed (one per cylinder).  The injectors are fired individually and controlled by the ECU.  The ECU is programmed to match the vehicle’s fuel map.  This ensures that the correct amount of CNG is injected. The vehicle’s software is never tampered with.  The CNG fuel system is simply added to the original.

These kits are designed for modern vehicles with electronic fuel injection. Sequential injection systems deliver fast response to sudden driving changes. The ECU connects to the vehicle’s on board computer and duplicates the fuel map.  The ECU is extremely fast and can perform over 30 million operations per second. The high performing software is OBDII compatible which facilitates quicker CNG conversions.  These CNG kits are simple to maintain and tune-up.

Trained professionals can easily and safely install these CNG conversion kits.  We R CNG provides free CNG conversion training to ensure that your AFV performs its best.

Gasoline bi-fuel CNG conversions
Gasoline Bi-Fuel CNG Conversions

Credible CNG conversion companies like We R CNG offer the highest quality CNG Conversion Systems on the market for superior performance and engine protection. The easy to install CNG kits for sale have sequential injection programmed with OBD II Compatibility.  The Plug-N-Play wire harness eliminates splicing into the vehicle’s wire systems.  This feature reduces human error and saves time. CNG conversions can be easily reversed. The CNG conversion system can be removed and re-installed on the next vehicle. This helps with the resale value for fleets taking trucks back to auction for sale.

Switch seamlessly between natural gas and gasoline at the touch of an LED button installed on your dash. Should you run low on CNG, the system will alert you and switch automatically to run on gasoline. Calibration is quick and easy.

The CNG Conversion Kits for trucks are equipped with Single Regulators supporting up to 400 HP.   These are designed to withstand all the rigors of driving  including hard braking, idling, and pulling heavy loads (15% more torque)  all while providing precise natural gas fuel injection to match your vehicle’s original fuel map settings.

EPA Approved EPA Kits

Non EPA Approved Kits