CNG Conversion Loans

Finance all of your CNG Conversion costs including:

  • Bay Up-fits
  • CNG Certification Training
  • Travel Expenses
  • Conversion Equipment
  • Fueling Facilities

We R CNG provides flexible Lease-To-Own programs that help you to maximize your ROI


  • 3% down will finance all your vehicle conversions, refueling stations, compressors, CNG Conversion Certification Training, labor and any other CNG related equipment and activities.
  • Any commercial projects from $5,000 – $50 million (Capital Leases, Equipment Finance Agreements).
  • Equipment lines of Credit are also available that can be drawn on each month throughout the project.
  • First and last payment could be your only out-of-pocket expense.
  • Terms range from twenty-four (24) to sixty (60) months.  Up to seven (7) years are available for qualified credit on funding over $100,000.
  • Working Capital Loans available to cover ancillary costs up to $150,000.
  • Stay liquid and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Lease payments are often treated as fully deductible expense. This may mean a more rapid write off to you. Because the lease term is generally shorter than the depreciable life, payments can be expensed in a shorter duration..
Application Only Credit Requirements up to $75,000 Credit Requirements for funding amounts over $75,000
  • One-Page Credit Application
  • Three months of banks statements
  • One-Page Credit Application
  • Three months of banks statements
  • Two years of business taxes and financial statements
  • Two years personal tax returns on principal(s)
  • Personal Financial Statement on principal(s)


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CNG Vehicle Conversions