Certified CNG Installers


Meet Our Installers

West Michigan CNG

Working on Engine

With over 20 years of vehicle service and repair, Dave Masserang owns and manages both My Auto Mechanic and West Michigan CNG.  He’s a talented and passionate ASE and CNG Certified installer who goes out of his way to perform the perfect conversion. 



Penn CNG Solutions
CNG Conversion Team
This team of talented CNG Certified installers is lead by Harold Garrett and will customize your conversions utilizing on-site fabrications to meet your unique driving needs and lifestyle.



CNG Technologies Wisconsin

Rob with car

This hard working group in Wisconsin lead by Earl Vanderberg and his grandson Rob Von Holzen are CNG Certified Fuel Inspectors and Installers. These guys do it all from CNG time-fill solutions to CNG Conversion Classes. Be sure to ask about Earl’s converted Cadillac, it’s beautiful!!

CNG-ONE, Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio’s leading compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle conversion company, CNG-ONE is dedicated to providing the best CNG conversion solutions for your needs. We specialize in diesel to natural gas conversions and gasoline to natural gas conversions in dedicated, dual-fuel, and bi-fuel options.

CNG Vehicle Conversions