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Type 4 CNG Tanks
GGE Dge Liters Dimensions Weight Expiration Price
3 2.6 34 L 11″ x 35″ 35 lbs. 13 years $599
8.2 7.2 96 L 18″ x 34″ 77 lbs. 20 years $1854
10.9 9.6 128 L 16″ x 55″ 104 lbs. 20 years $2,099
15.5 13.6 182 L 21″ x 45″ 150 lbs. 20 years $2688
22 19.2 256 L 21″ x 60″ 196 lbs. 20 years $2499  CNG Tank Specials

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Higher Capacity Type 4 CNG Tanks……..

Best Selling CNG Cylinders

  • Type 1 CNG Tanks

    Type 1 CNG cylinders are all metal tanks made either from aluminum or steel.  They are the most affordable and the heaviest of all CNG tanks and with lower fuel capacities.

  • Type 2 CNG Tanks

    Type 2 CNG tanks are manufactured with a metal liner reinforced by glass or carbon fiber composite wrap around the middle; also referred to as “hoop wrap”.  The liner and composite each receive 50% of the stress caused by internal pressurization.  These CNG cylinders are lighter and carry higher capacities than type I CNG Cylinder tanks, but cost more.

  • Type 3 CNG Tanks

    Type 3 CNG cylinders, like the Type 2 CNG tanks, are manufactured using a metal liner, however, Type 3 CNG tanks are reinforced with a full composite wrap covering the entire tank. The full composite wrap absorbs most of the gas pressure.  Type 3 CNG tanks are lighter and carry higher capacity than Type 1 and Type 2 CNG tanks, however, they are more expensive than the Type I and Type II CNG cylinders.

  • Type 4 CNG Tanks

    Type 4 CNG TanksCNG Tank Cylinders are manufactured using a plastic gas-tight liner reinforced by a full composite wrap around entire tank.  The entire strength of the tank is composed of composite reinforcement tape.  Type 4 CNG tanks provide higher capacity and are lighter than the Type 3-Type 3 CNG tanks, however, they are the most expensive of all CNG tank types.

  • Type 5 CNG Tanks

    CNG Cylinders are different from the other carbon fiber tanks in that they are a liner-less fully glass fiber composite tank.  These tanks are lighter, more affordable, and increase CNG capacity 16%-20% more than other composite CNG tanks currently on the market.

CNG Tanks ONLY $129.00 Type 4 CNG Tank with 22 GGE Only $2499 Lowest prices & largest selection CNG Cylinders tanks ready to ship.  Call Today 1.321.307.5058

This CNG tank selection is just a sample of some of the more popular sizes requested for most trucks, buses, and vans. We R CNG has sold numerous Type 4 CNG cylinders to private and municipal fleets. Type 4 CNG tanks weigh about 70% less than a Type 1 CNG tank of equivalent size.

Type 4 CNG Tanks


About Type 4 CNG Tanks

Type 4 CNG tanks made in the USA and manufactured using a plastic gas-tight liner.  The entire tank is reinforced by a full composite wrap.  The strength of the tank is due to the composite reinforcement.  The Type 4 tanks offer higher capacities and are lighter than the Type 1-Type 3 CNG tanks, however, they are the most expensive of all CNG tank types.

Type 4 CNG Tanks use patented resin and over wrapping technology to wind the CNG tanks.  This technology is what makes Type 4 CNG tanks stronger and lighter than the other CNG tank types.  These tanks also carry higher volumes of CNG with a lighter payload which helps trucks achieve better mileage while reducing fuel costs.

Proper Use and Care of Type 4 CNG Cylinders

Type 4 CNG Tanks are designed and manufactured per the ANSI NGV2 standard for compressed natural gas vehicle fuel containers.  These CNG tanks must be used in accordance with the purpose they were designed for.

  • Service Life: 20 Years from Date of Manufacture
  • Service Pressure: Settled Gas 3600 PSIG
  • Maximum Pressure: 4500 PSIG
  • Temperature: -40 Fahrenheit to 180 Fahrenheit
  • Fuel Gas Composition: Compressed Natural Gas as Specified in SAE J1616

All Type 4 CNG Tanks  are inspected prior to shipment.  Please fully inspect your deliveries of CNG Tanks upon arrival according to CGA C-64 Methods for External Visual Inspection of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Hydrogen Vehicle (HV) fuel containers and their installations.  Any damages due to shipping must be reported promptly to the shipping carrier.


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