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Blue Power Diesel has been developing and manufacturing dual-fuel diesel CNG conversion systems worldwide for over 10 years. Our product engineers have worked hard on diesel engines and alternative fuel vehicles utilizing natural gas to solve issues with overheating and inadequate diesel displacement that most other cng conversion kits ignore. N. American Fleets have been struggling long enough. We R CNG is proud to announce the release of our 4th Generation Dual Fuel CNG conversion kits for diesel engines.


Diesel CNG Kit
CNG Benefits

Easy Straightforward Calibration for Optimal Vehicle Performance.

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Blue-Power Diesel is a universal dual-fuel conversion kit and works on all classes of diesel trucks.  Install Blue Power on diesel engines with 1 to 16 cylinders.  Experience a smoother and quieter ride.  Blue Power dual-fuel displaces on average 70% of expensive diesel with cheaper natural gas. Because the conversion kit is designed to work with the lubricants from the diesel fuel, the engine stays cooler.  The CNG conversion kit comes with several emulators to control heat.  Several heat temperature sensors are placed for proper monitoring.  The ECU measures the time spent burning diesel.  The software is programed with an advanced sequential injection algorithm.  This algorithm uses a load-dependable mixture calculator. Easy install for properly trained technicians. Ask We R CNG about our free classes for CNG conversion certification on the Blue Power dual-fuel conversion kit for diesels.  Intuitive tuning with user friendly Blue Power Diesel software.

Diesel fleets finally have an affordable solution for safe and effective alternative fuels and maintenance savings with dual fuel technologies.

  • Universal CNG conversion kits work on most any diesel engine
  • 5 Emulators (3 analog/2 digital) compatible with a frequency digital signal
  • Advanced Cut-Off functions which display the diesel injection time
  • Full System Diagnostic
  • Switch Test
  • Level Sensor/Manometer Test
  • Emulator Diagnostics
  • Gas Hose Leak Tests
  • OBD CAN Compatible
  • Sequential Injection System
  • Works on most 12 and 24 volt diesel engines
  • Track your fuel costs and monitor the natural gas vs. diesel fuel consumed
  • EGT & Reducer Temperature Sensor Monitors to govern excessive heat levels
  • Safe Engine “No-Knocking” Protection Technology
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reduces carbon deposits in your Cylinders and Piston Rings
  • Increases the working-life of your Catalytic Converters and Particulate Filters
  • Reduces oil and filter changes
  • Extends the working-life of your vehicles
  • Two Year Warranty on Parts

We R CNG is an NGV company and we believe that alternative fuel vehicles are necessary to reduce costs and harmful emissions.   NGV diesel to natural gas conversions which blend both fuels simultaneously offers affordable benefits that save you money, reduce your diesel fuel consumption,  and extend the working life of your trucks.


We R CNG Conversion KitsEasy Straight forward Calibration for Optimal Vehicle Performance.  We R CNG offers premium CNG Conversion Kits, CNG Tanks, FREE conversion training at your premises or at our home installation CNG School in St, Augustine, Florida.


Road tests for the diesel CNG conversion show a safe mix of 88% natural gas with a 12% diesel blend in this video [color-box]ROAD TEST VIDEO: Diesel CNG Conversion Mixes 88% Natural Gas with 12% Diesel[/color-box]

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