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We R CNG is an NGV distributor for affordable premium CNG conversion equipment and FREE conversion training.

Alternative fuel vehicles are necessary to reduce costs and harmful emissions.  NGV diesel to natural gas conversions which blend both fuels simultaneously offers affordable benefits that save you money, reduce your diesel fuel consumption,  and extend the working life of your trucks.

We R CNG has been working hard to reduce conversion costs and keep your ROI in under a year.

As a result We R CNG introduces the affordable and high quality Dual-Fuel Diesel CNG Conversion System by American Fuel Tech.

American Fuel Tech CNG Diesel Conversion Kits have been developing and manufacturing dual-fuel diesel CNG conversion systems worldwide for over 30 years. Our product engineers have worked hard on diesel engines to solve issues with overheating and inadequate diesel displacement that most other cng conversion kits ignore. N. American Fleets have been struggling long enough. Our product engineers are proud to announce the release of our 4th Generation dual fuel CNG conversion kits for diesel engines.

We R CNG works for fleet vehicles to promote the use of cleaner more affordable natural gas.  Our prices for premium kits can not be beaten or matched.

Diesel Engine Dual Fuel American Fuel Tech CNG Conversion Kits Cost only $1549

Diesel Prices
Diesel Price Forecast

Why are fleets switching to dual-fuel?

Diesel fuel prices are expected to stay above $3.00 even with the recent 50% drop in oil prices. In the meantime, natural gas is selling at historically low prices and anchor fleets are locking in $1.50 per gallon for 5 years.  When was the last time you were guaranteed a low flat price for diesel or gasoline?  As a result, more and more fleets are turning to alternative fuels to power their diesel engines with natural gas.

Why is diesel more expensive than gasoline?

  • High worldwide demand for diesel fuel and other distillate fuel oils.
  • The transition to less polluting, lower-sulfur diesel fuels in the United States affects diesel fuel production and distribution costs.
  • The retail price of a gallon of diesel fuel reflects the costs and profits (or losses) of producing and delivering the product to customers.
  • The cost of crude oil purchased by refineries is the largest component of the retail price of diesel fuel, accounting for about 57% of the U.S. retail on-highway diesel fuel prices.
  • Refining costs and profits
  • Taxes, the Federal excise tax for on-highway diesel fuel is 24.4 cents/gallon and is 6 cents per gallon higher the gasoline tax.  State excise taxes average about 23 cents per gallon, with some state, county, and city governments levying additional taxes.  At the beginning of 2014, the amount of the federal and state taxes on retail, on-highway diesel fuel averaged 49 cents per gallon.
  • U.S. diesel fuel prices are increasingly affected by the growth in international demand for distillate fuel. Heating oil and diesel fuel are distillate fuels. Many countries rely more heavily on distillate fuels, especially diesel fuel, than the United States. In Europe, demand for diesel fuel has grown as diesel-fueled vehicles now account for more than half of new car and light-duty truck sales. Europe uses about a fourth of the world’s distillate fuel (heating oil and diesel fuel), so it is a significant contributor to world distillate demand. Heavy-duty vehicle use of diesel fuel worldwide, especially in China, has added to increased world distillate demand as economies expand. Use of distillate fuel for electric power generation in many parts of the world also contributes to demand.
  • Seasonality affects diesel fuel prices throughout the year. During the fall and winter, diesel fuel prices are affected by the demand for heating oil. Because heating oil and diesel fuel are produced at the same time, seasonal increases in heating oil demand can also put pressure on the diesel fuel market. In some regions, diesel fuel prices can also be influenced by seasonal swings in demand for diesel fuel from farmers.
  • The cost of doing business can vary greatly depending on where a dealer is located. These costs include wages, salaries and benefits, equipment, lease/rent, insurance, overhead, and state and local fees and taxes. Even retail stations near each other can have different traffic patterns, costs, and sources of supply. The number and location of local competitors can also affect prices. High-volume truck stops that cater to large commercial vehicles tend to sell diesel fuel at lower prices than smaller-volume service stations.


We R CNG Conversion Kits

Easy Straight forward Calibration for Optimal Vehicle Performance.  We R CNG offers premium CNG Conversion Kits, CNG Tanks, FREE CNG conversion training at your premise or at our home installation CNG School in St, Augustine, Florida.

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