Blue Power CNG Conversion Kits

CNG Conversion Kits for Trucks and High HP Engines

Blue Power has sold thousands of bi-fuel CNG Conversion Kits for over 10 years. It is one of the most advanced 4th generation sequential CNG conversion kit in the world.  Blue Power products are manufactured in Europe and sold worldwide.  Product engineers have designed and produced the best and most efficient electronics for alternative flex fuel CNG vehicle conversions.   The software is  constantly update to ensure seamless communications with newer gasoline engines. The Blue Power ECU has a 16 bit 120 MHz DSP controller and processes over 30 million commands per second.  This conversion software communicates with OBD CAN protocols and is extremely responsive for better fuel mixtures.  Software includes 3-D mapping.

The premium software and superior hardware make Blue Power the perfect choice for your CNG vehicle conversions. We R CNG offers individual and tailor made solutions with premium CNG Conversion Kits and CNG Tanks.  These conversion products meet and exceed our customers’ needs and demands for quality CNG conversions.

Blue Power Kit

Blue Power Key Features!

  • 400 HP Single Regulator
  • Sequential Injection – 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 cylinder KITS
  • No “check engine” light
  • User friendly, easy to use software
  • Automatic switch over to CNG
  • Automatic switch over back to gasoline when empty tank
  • 3 tuning options
  • – without map for beginners- 2D variable map (1×16 points) – for average users- 3D variable map (8×16 points) – for advanced users
  • 2 x rpm input (input 2 variable 0-14 VDC) for better rpm signal measurement
  • Turbo engines supported
  • Lambda (oxygen sensor) supported
  • Advanced injector options – configuration, diagnostics and heating
  • Individual injector calibration
  • Compatible with any type of level sensor
  • Pre-defined and user-defined options
  • Minimum and maximum pressure setting
  • Minimum and maximum rpm + advanced options
  • Minimum and maximum injection time
  • 8 defined temperature sensors
  • 6 defined pressure sensors
  • 7 defined map sensors
  • Automatic mapping
  • Automatic 3D mapping gasoline/LPG-CNG-GPL
  • Automatic 3D mapping OBD-CAN (OBD-CAN version)
  • Reading OBD errors (OBD-CAN version). – Erasing OBD errors (OBD-CAN version)
  • Reading OBD parameters (OBD-CAN version)
  • OBD/OBD II CAN PROTOCOLS (OBD-CAN version): CAN 250k 11 BIT CAN 250k 29 BIT CAN 500k 11 BIT CAN 500k 29 BIT
  • Pressure algorithms for valvetronic engines (no throttle)
  • Service option setting
  • Sequential emulation
  • CNG and reducer temp. corrections
  • External relay driver (can be use for fuel pump cut)
  • Advanced CNG injector heating
  • Mazda generation v.4 filter – Mazda problems solved!
  • Advanced switch filter
  • Start directly on LPG/CNG option
  • Adjustable switch LED brightness and volume
  • OBD/OBDII/CAN ready
  • Sequence visualization in real time
  • Self diagnostic and error codes memory
  • ECE R10.03, R67 and R110 certified
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