2015 Ford Transit

  EPA & CARB Approved CNG Conversion Systems

2015 Ford Transit


  • 7L Ti-VCT V-6 CNG Fuel Capable Engine.

    2015 Ford Transit Chassis Cab
    Chassis Cab
  • CARB & EPA certified SULEV System (Pending)
  • OBD II compliant.
  • FMVSS 304 Certified tank package.
  • QVM Approved System.
  • OEM warranty not voided.
  • Dedicated & Bi-fuel Systems. Warranty
  • 3 year / 50,000 miles (standard lim­ited warranty)
  • 8 year / 80,000 miles (emission- related components)
  • Estimated 50% fuel savings from gasoline.


Available Fuel Packages

2015 Ford Transit Wagon
  • 2 GGE CNG Package
  • 3 GGE CNG Package System Overview
  • Maintains original fault codes (DTC’s)
  • Sequential fuel injection (SFI)
  • Most cost effective solution to reduce pollu­tants while still retaining the original power and performance of the engine.


We R CNG carries a full line of CNG Conversion Kits with both EPA and Non EPA Approvals

Chose From These EPA Approved CNG Conversion Systems:
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