2015 Ford F250/350 6.2L

EPA & CARB Approved CNG Conversion Systems

Ford F250


  • 2L V8 with Ford Gaseous Prep Package
  • Meets CARB & EPA Standards
  • Dedicated and Bi-Fuel Systems available
  • Standard 15.7GGE or 24 GGE available
  • Original Ford Warranty Remains Intact
  • Maintains OBD—II Functionality
  • In-Bed and Underbody Packages Available
  • Systems designed by Ford Authorized QVM
  • Meets all Ford Engineering, Q185, FMVSS 304, and Engine Durability Requirements


  • Non-Toxic, Burns Cleaner,
  • Reduces Urban Smog and Greenhouse gaseous
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost by 40%
  • Fuel Cost Savings up to 50%
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