CNG Conversion Kits

We R CNG Tanks CNG Conversion Kits for Gasoline and Diesel Engines

CNG Conversion Kits are designed for both gasoline and diesel vehicles with an onboard computer.  Most models released after 1975 can be converted using premium conversion kits like American Fuel Tech.

Adding a natural gas fuel system to your vehicle is simple.

First: A CNG tank is added to hold the natural gas. This addition of another fuel tank doubles your driving range.

Second: The low pressure conversion kit is installed under the hood. This kit enables you to manually turn or turn off the CNG stored in your new tank at any time.

That’s it: There is no added work operating a vehicle to run on natural gas. Everything is automatic.  The CNG Conversion System knows when to switch fuels to accommodate for your driving demands.  These conversions are affordable and pay for themselves within the same year.

Gasoline Engines

CNG Conversion Kits for Gasoline Engines run on either 100% gasoline or 100% natural gas (Bi-Fuel CNG Conversions).

CNG Conversion Kits for TrucksEngines use gasoline to start the engine and the conversion system switches the fuel automatically within minutes to run on natural gas.

Gasoline CNG conversions greatly reduce your fuel costs.  Running your engine on natural gas is much cleaner than gasoline and will minimize oil and filter changes. Extend the life of your vehicles and run on natural gas.  Learn more about gasoline CNG conversion advantages….

Diesel Engines

CNG Conversion Kits for Diesel Engines blend a mix of both diesel and natural gas (Dual-Fuel CNG Conversions).

Diesel Dual-Fuel Conversions

The addition of natural gas to the diesel fuel greatly reduces the consumption of expensive diesel fuel.  Diesel engine CNG conversions increase your mileage.  CNG Conversions also decrease expensive oil and filter changes.  The air/natural gas mixture is denser than just air in your cylinder.  This denser higher octane mixture creates more power when the diesel fuel is sprayed into the cylinder.  It also increases the torque.  The mixture reduces greenhouse gases.  No need for expensive diesel particulate filters (DPF).

Compare DPF systems to CNG Conversions:

Maintenance Costs:

  • Diesel particulate filters require expensive and frequent maintenance to clean off the collected soot.
  • CNG Conversion Kits are maintenance free.

Fuel Costs:

  • Diesel fuel not only fluctuates making an accurate budget next to impossible but it is expensive.
  • Natural gas prices can be locked in for 5+ years at $1.00 per gallon

Vehicle Working-Life:

  • Most fleet trucks running on diesel must be replaced every 5-7 years.
  • Trucks burning natural gas naturally extend the working-life of their fleet keeping the pistons, piston rings, injectors and other engine parts soot free.   Learn more about diesel CNG conversion advantages….

Conversion Costs and Maintenance:

  • DPF  systems not only rob your truck of valuable torque but the systems cost close to $20,000.  DPF systems also  require expensive scheduled maintenance every 70,000 miles.  DPF systems consume up to one gallon of diesel on each regen cycle.
  • CNG Conversions cost up to $7,000 and increase your torque.  There is no scheduled maintenance for CNG Dual-Fuel Conversion Systems.


We R CNGWe R CNG conversion systems are performance guaranteed.  The cleaner burning fuel saves you money and extends the life of your cars and trucks.

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Flex Fuel Cars, Trucks, Vans and Buses for CNG

Flex fuel uses alternative fuels like natural gas.  A natural gas fuel system is added to the original engine. To install CNG conversion kits, specialized training is required. Credible CNG conversion kit manufacturers like We R CNG will provide FREE CNG conversion training.   Gasoline alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) run on either 100% gasoline or 100% natural gas. Diesel alternative fuel vehicles blend both diesel and natural gas together.  The AFV  injects the natural gas into the combustion chamber.  An electronic control device (ECU) is calibrated to match the vehicle’s fuel trim.  The newly installed CNG injectors dispense the natural gas. Both the Bi-fuel AFV and the dual fuel AFV can switch back and forth from natural gas to the original fuel.  Drivers can manually switch back and forth between the two fuels.  If the CNG runs low the CNG conversion system switches to gasoline or diesel automatically.


Converting Ford F-150 to Natural Gas
Converting Ford F-150 to Natural Gas


Three Main Components to a Vehicle Conversion

  1. CNG Conversion Kits
  2. CNG Tanks
  3. The NFPA-52 Certified high pressure parts


CNG Conversion Kits


The CNG tank can be mounted in several places.  Most popular locations are in the trunk or in the bed of the truck.   A high pressure fuel line routes the CNG to the engine department.  CNG conversion kits use a regulator to drop the pressure.  The natural gas is reduced from 3600 psi to 36 psi.  The natural gas is then fed into the CNG injectors.  The CNG injectors dispense the natural gas.  The ECU controls this.  The natural gas is pulsed to match the car’s or truck’s original fuel map.  Sensors and computers adjust the fuel-air mixture for peak performance.  When the spark plugs ignite the natural gas,  it burns efficiently.  CNG conversion kits do not reduce your car or truck’s performance.

CNG Fueling 2Fueling a cars or trucks converted with CNG Conversion Kits is simple.  You will not experience any differences in motions or time.  It is the same as if you were fueling with gasoline or diesel. The two tanks will double your driving range.  You will still need to use gasoline.  Gasoline is required to start, lubricate, and warm the vehicle.  After these parameters are met, the CNG conversion kits will automatically switch fuels to run on natural gas.  CNG conversion kits are programmed to protect against excessive heat, and sudden changes in driving conditions.  Should you need to break heavily, suddenly speed up, or hit a steep hill CNG conversion kits automatically switch to gasoline for the needed additional power.

Gasoline CNG Conversions work just like the original vehicle.  These conversions are are non-invasive.  Installing CNG conversion kits does not alter or interfere with any of the original engine manufacturer (OEM) factory settings.  The OEM fuel system is not changed.  CNG conversions do not tamper with any engine devices or controls.  Because there is no tampering, there is no violation with anti-tampering laws.

Just about any combustion engine can be converted to run on natural gas.  People have even successfully converted airplanes and trains to run on CNG.


With the fluctuating prices of gasoline and diesel, owners and fleets want to know if it is worth converting their cars, trucks and buses to run on natural gas. 

CNG Conversion Return on Investment
CNG Conversion Return on Investment

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CNG Vehicle Conversions