CNG Conversion Class

We R CNG Tanks CNG Conversion Training

FREE 5-Day Hands-On CNG Conversion Training Class 

CNG Certification to Install Premium Top Performing CNG Conversion Kits for Gasoline and Diesel Engines

FREE CNG Conversion Training
FREE CNG Conversion Training

Safe and Professional CNG conversions are necessary to move the industry forward.  Earn your CNG conversion certification for gasoline and diesel engines and start earning more income today.  Register for We R CNG’s FREE CNG Conversion Class and earn instant income when you return home to convert the fleets that you service.  We R CNG supports you with full CNG Conversion Assistance Mon-Sun.

Reduce fuel costs 40%. Reduce filter and oil changes by 50%. Extend your vehicle’s working life. Double your driving range with the CNG addition.

CNG bi-fuel & CNG dual-fuel conversions are the most economical method to reduce vehicle fuel and maintenance costs. Conversions are non-invasive and do not tamper with any of the vehicle’s original engine devices or controls.

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Learn more about We R CNG premium CNG Conversion Kits (natural gas kits)




We R CNG offers academic level CNG Conversion Certification adopted by First Coast Technical College’s Alternative Fuels Program.

Complete each class by fully converting one to two vehicles to run on CNG.
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CNG Vehicle Conversions