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CNG Conversion  Class


Earn your CNG Conversion Certification

Save thousands of dollars and convert your fleet or increase your vehicle maintenance business and convert the vehicles you currently service.

We R CNG has partnered with the Alternative Fuels Department at First Coast Technical College in St. Augustine, Florida to offer academic level CNG Conversion Certification training for technicians nationwide.

Completely convert a vehicle to run on CNG and take her for a test drive!


We R CNG Conversion Training Class 



PowerPoint on the diesel system and components

  • How components function from engineering and installer aspect.
  • This portion will be hands on meaning students will have a hands on visualization of the part being discussed.

CNG Fuel and Tank Safety

  • Discuss the proper and safe practices when servicing and installing the CNG tank.
  • Discuss proper tube bending process.

Show correct use of soldering wires and also the benefits of using the Plug&Play system.

  • Demonstrate correct way to solder the wires
  • Demonstrate use of reading the OEM schematic.
  • Finding and cutting the correct wire on the OEM system.
  • Use of the kit’s Plug & Play wiring system.
  • Wiring of OBD monitoring system

Discuss and illustrate the routing scheme and review diagnostic testing for typical problems and solutions.

  • Students will learn all basic and advanced features in the kit software.
  • Students will learn how to correctly calibrate a vehicle.

The Installation

  • Tube Bending – students will bend tubing in a simple design simply to verify they know the correct way of bending tubing.  Model will include general knowledge of use of a tube bender.  We are aware that Oklahoma state certification class requires a model bending therefore this station will simply give them a little more hands on in this area.  It will simulate a bend of a possible real life application.
  • Soldering Wires to electrical system – this portion of the station will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge on correctly reading a OEM wire schematic and determining the correct wires to cut and solder if this application is needed in the installing vehicle.
  • Use of Plug & Play wiring system—this portion of the station allows students to demonstrate the correct way to use the Plug & Play system.  In this no wires will be cut and wiring of the system is done easily and quickly.  Students will simply understand pairing of injectors and simply wiring of the plug and play system.  Plug & Play is an option given instead of cutting and soldering wires.
  • Drill and Tap Manifold—in this portion of station 3 students will learn how to drill and tap the manifold when adding the injection ports through the drill and tap method.  Each student will drill and tap one port on an intake runner.  Students will learn correct positioning of port as well as acceptable places to drill.
  • Use of injector inserts—in this portion of station 3 students will learn the ease of simply using the injector adapter inserts which take place of drilling and tapping manifold.
  • Tuning Vehicle Simulation—this station allows the students to demonstrate their ability to use the software when tuning the vehicle to run on CNG.  They will also demonstrate their knowledge in using other various settings in the software.
  • Diagnosing real problem on vehicle—students will diagnose a real problem on an actual vehicle.  The problem will be caused by the instructor and the students must show the correct steps to solving this issue.

Earn Your CNG Conversion Certificate

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