Dual Fuel Train

Train Runs on Dual-Fuel

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to launch first CNG train from Rewari tomorrow

Jan 12, 2015

NEW DELHI: In what could be considered as a milestone in adoption of green fuel in Indian Railways, the first CNG train will be launched tomorrow on Rewari-Rohtak section of Northern zone.

Who said it couldn’t be done.  Cars, trucks, planes and now trains are using flex fuel with CNG kits to reduce their use of expensive dirty diesel fuel.  This train conversion will reduce the diesel approximately 20% and use cleaner more affordable natural gas.  They feel this is another step to reducing their greenhouse emissions.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu from Rewari, a senior Railway Ministry official is leaning more towards alternative fuels in their train operations which will include solar and wind power.

The train will run 50 miles in 2 hours and run a mix of 20% natural gas with 80% diesel.  Earlier tests have been performed to show How CNG conversions work.

According to the official, there are plans to run more CNG trains in due course to reduce diesel consumption.

The train comprising of two engines and six passenger cars has been manufactured by Integral Coach Factory at Chennai with the CNG conversion kit being supplied by Cummins.

Development of a CNG conversion technology which will permit utilization of over 60 per cent CNG is also underway, he said, adding “switch over to LNG technology is also being planned as that will enable higher fuel carrying capacity.”

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