About We R CNG

About We R CNG.   About We R CNG

We R CNG is a consortium of alternative fuel and clean transportation professionals working with fleets to increase mileage, while decreasing fuel and maintenance costs through compressed natural gas conversions for gasoline and diesel engines.

We R CNG operates and manages day to day business putting our customers’ needs first.  We always strive to treat everyone with respect, fairness and integrity.   You deserve the best conversion products at the best pricing which is why no one can beat our prices, quality, and first class service.

The company ethos is to encourage more fleets to save money while decreasing harmful greenhouse and particulate matter.  We R CNG offers premium gasoline and engine CNG conversion products at the most affordable prices.

We R CNG is managed by Stephanie McGreevy and Oscar Stevenson.  Stephanie is the fleet conversion and certification manager in charge of sales, equipment, training, and business development; Oscar Stevenson is a mechanical engineer supervising product and procurement assisting installers with product details, installations, and delivery.

Stephanie McGreevy

A graduate of Cal Poly State University of San Luis Obispo, owned and managed American Futures Trading, a commodity brokerage in Orange County CA for 11 years. She has extensive knowledge of world energy markets and prices including international economic policies and market trends.  In addition, she has always supported low emissions and clean air through her years working with the State and County on clean air and clean water projects.  She witnessed the US economy crash in 2007 with many friends and family losing jobs and careers almost overnight.  Knowing that the US can do so much better, she was intent on creating US jobs using mostly US products for manufacturing and distribution.  Sending our young men to fight and die overseas for a commodity that isn’t even ours was the final straw that with the use of horizontal fracking enabled the US to tap our own vast natural gas supplies.  Converting fleets to use clean burning alternative fuels only made sense.

Oscar Stevenson

A mechanical engineer who graduated from the prestigious Universidade Santa Ursula in Rio de Janeiro.  Mr. Stevenson speaks fluent English and Brazilian Portuguese and supervises the product manufacturing and procurement.  He is certified in CNG systems and is the lead trainer for CNG Certification Classes.  He instructs fleets to safely and accurately convert both gasoline and diesel engines.  Mr. Stevenson assists customers with technical product details, installations and maintenance, and delivery.

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